We are a versatile and entertaining rock and pop covers band based in Surrey. Slick and highly professional with a sound that is subtle yet powerful. A 5 piece bringing together all the best music of the last few decades, music that’s gonna move you!


The band brings together literally decades of collective experience. We cover many musical genres, featuring all the best of past and present from rock to soul to blues to funk to pop. We're as happy playing the Kings of Leon, The Killers or Snow Patrol as we are Stevie Wonder, The Rolling Stones, Duran Duran or Maroon 5.


Driven by our passion for playing good tunes well, we strive to make sure that you, the audience, are enjoying it as much as we are. 


We can cover everything from birthday parties and pub gigs to weddings and major corporate functions. Whether the audience is 50, 500 or 5000, you can rest assured we have the flexibility and professionalism to help make your occasion special 


We play like we mean it, and we enjoy every minute of it! You will too!


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// drums



DAVID MINGAY// keyboards




// bass



// guitar




// vocals